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Read & Download Cat Secrets 104 ✓ I'm sorry—this book is not for you This book is for CATS ONLYWhat's that you sayYou are a catOkay get ready to prove itBook is for CATS ONLYWhat's that you s. The feline narrator of this amusing picture book from authorartist Jef Czekaj at first demands that all non cats stop reading the story instituting a series of tests when it is brought to his attention that not everyone has obeyed his instructions Can the reader meow like a cat Can they purr What about cat like stretching can they do that In the end it seems as if the reader is indeed a cat one that is prompted to join the felines in the story in a napThe readerlistener never does find out what those eponymous 'cat secrets' are although the little mouse who's been trying throughout the story to abscond with the volume of secrets held by the narrator does succeed in the end This additional layer of story available only in the artwork adds to the entertainment provided by Cat Secrets a meta fictional tale in which the narrator addresses the reader directly and involves them in the story Czejak's cartoon like artwork although not really my cup of tea is colorful and amusing capturing the humor of the story Recommended to all young cat lovers as well as to anyone looking for meta fictional picture books

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AyYou are a catOkay get ready to prove. Cute Would be great for storytime participation as long as little ones are okay with not finding out any cat secrets My 12 year old was disappointed

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Cat SecretsI'm sorry this book is not for you This. I read this despite the many warnings that this book was only for cats and now I know all the cat secrets I do wish they'd elaborated about cat naps a bit so thats still a mystery but I'm now better at meowing