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eBook ✓ Darkwar AUTHOR Glen Cook Þ Paperback Read  Glen Cook ¼ The world grows colder with each passing year the longer winters and ever deepening snows awaking ancient fears within the Dengan Packstead fears of invasion by armed and desperate nomads attack by the witchlike and mysterious SiBroad range of titles for readers interested in science fiction space opera time travel hard SF alien invasion near future dystopia fantasy grimdark sword and sorcery contemporary urban fantasy steampunk alternative history and horror zombies vampires and the occult and supernatural and much While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller a national bestseller or a Hugo or Nebula award winner we are committed to publishing uality books from a diverse group of autho This books never run into a dead end with its plot Friends die but that is the way of life on the cold and social class run planet The concept of this books magic is presented in a whole different way and the group that maintains this people of power have a dark way of doing it It has many scenes that leave you devastated with what the main character has to go through and what she is willing to give up to achieve her goal The character development is massive You see a shift in personality and the deep effects that events in time have on her This book is one that is without a break in the harsh reality that is hers I highly recommend Darkwar to all those seeking a view into a harsh world and those seeking a book that just won't part with their fingers

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These foes the Packstead cannot prevail But awakening within Marika is a power unmatched in all the world a legendary power that may not just save her world but allow her to grasp the stars themselves From Glen Cook author of the Black Company and Dread Empire novels comes Darkwar collecting for the first time the stunning science fantasy epic that originally appeared as Doomstalker Warlock and CeremonySkyhorse Publishing under our Night Shade and Talos imprints is proud to publish a This book is uniuely appealing to people like myself that enjoy both the fantasy and science fiction genres The story is focused on plot than anything; the development of the main character is somewhat lacking and everyone around her is presented in a very WYSIWYG fashion the manipulative people are predictably manipulative the cowards are cowards and no one moves or really grows beyond their prescribed roles with the odd exception of a notable secondary character The strength of the story somewhat offsets the shallow characters however and it evolves very believably from a primitive shamanistic beginning to a starfaring end Cook also does an excellent job at creating the society While individual characters don't get a lot of attention the socio political entities involved in the story are dynamic and interesting giving the whole thing a very epic feel The ending was a little hectic and tough to follow but overall the whole thing was tied off very well; people can and have done a whole lot worse trying to tie off a series like this

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Darkwar AUTHOR Glen CoThe world grows colder with each passing year the longer winters and ever deepening snows awaking ancient fears within the Dengan Packstead fears of invasion by armed and desperate nomads attack by the witchlike and mysterious Silth able to kill with their minds alone and of the Grauken that desperate time when intellect gives way to buried cannibalistic instinct when meth feeds upon meth For Marika a young pup of the Packstead loyal to pack and family times are dark indeed for against Trying to keep this spoiler freeOriginally published as three separate books Darkwar is Glen Cook at his terse yet powerful bestThis is the story of Marika a Meth pup of the Degnan Packstead living in the longhouse of her dam Marika and her littermate Kiblin who she loves despite the fact that he is a naturally weak and cowardly male share a strange and taboo gift Driven by hunger caused by the ever worsening winters nomads begin attacking and overrunning the Packsteads changing Markia’s life foreverFrom which I deduced as this is Cook not much ever explicitly spelled out for the reader – terse remember that we have a dog like species with a female dominated social structure living in an essentially bronze age setting and that the plot is likely to involve the budding power of the young pupRight but never in the way you expect part of what I like about this book is that it repeatedly lures you into thinking you “know” what is coming next and then confounds your expectations totallyIt is in a way Marika’s story and while she is not really a classically “likeable” protagonist she does earn your deep respect through her endurance of suffering steadfast defence of her ideals and a few tender and touching momentsIt is also the narrative of a society undergoing a massive structural change while facing the prospect of total destructionWhat marks this out as exceptional for me is that I can’t seem to let go of it after several days and multiple other books; my mind keeps drifting back to examine moments elements and ideas from this work