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reader í Saving Zasha ´ Hardcover × randarenewables ´ In post WWII Russia one boy dares to save an entire race of outlawed dogs the German shepherdWorld War II has just ended when thirteen year old Mikhail finds a dying man and his German shepherd Zasha in the woods It's dangerous some say traitorous to own E same time a soldier named Dimitri is breeding a new Russian dog at a nearby farm So many dogs were lost in combat to starvation and in the slaughter of German dogs that the country is in dire need of every kind of do 5TH RESPONSE 121112I am currently reading saving Zasha by Randi Barrow This book takes place right after World War II Mikhail and her family are Russian Mikhail finds a bloody man who has a German shepherd Mikhail takes the man and the dog back to her house Her family tries to save the man but soon he dies But Mikhail and her family decide to keep the German shepherd Along the way Katia Mikhail’s classmate is very suspicious and thinks the man was covered in dog hairs So far I think this book has been great For example if you’re a Russian and you fight against the Germans in a war it is probably not a good idea to have a German shepherd But that’s how it makes the story interesting and come alive I think this is definitely a faced pace book because in the first few chapters Russians already have a German dog with them This relates to me because one time I was trying to figure out the password to my brother’s kindle but I accidentally pressed reset so all of his books apps and movies were deleted But I know that’s nothing compared to having a German dog when your Russian after World War II The problem they were having in my book was way worse than what happened with me and my brother I would recommend this to people who like historical fiction because it takes place back a long time ago This book has been great so far and I can’t wait to read I think that Katia is going to find Zasha in Mikhail’s house That will definitely make the book very interesting if she does

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Dangerous some say traitorous to own a German dog after Germany attacked Russia so Mikhail must keep Zasha a secret to keep her aliveBut Mikhail's rival Katia is determined to find the dog she is sure he's hiding At th Saving Zasha is a sweet book about a little known problem at least to Americans the near extinction of any dog in European countries after World War 2 According to the history based novel dogs were used and abused for many different purposes including carrying bombs under tanks carrying messages through enemy territory and acting as guard dogs and killers In addition declining food resources meant that many animals starved just as humans were struggling to make ends meet Last prejudice against other nations caused many to blame dogs that had been bred thereIn this case Zasha is a German shepherd found by a teenage boy in Russia not long after the war ended Although he and his family take the dog in to care for her they must also keep her a secretsimply because her breed includes the word German Too many hearts are unwilling to forgive or accept that not every aspect of the German culture was badThe secondary plotline was just as interesting as the first The Russian government realized that it was likely the only entity with resources to begin breeding dogs again It also pushed for a new Russian dog to be created through cross breeding Several years down the road the Black Russian terrier became a success4th grade reading level 6 AR points large font and spacing means the page number is less than it appears

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Saving ZashaIn post WWII Russia one boy dares to save an entire race of outlawed dogs the German shepherdWorld War II has just ended when thirteen year old Mikhail finds a dying man and his German shepherd Zasha in the woods It's Even though the war is over conditions are still difficult in Russia and if you are a dog especially a German Shepard things are downright dangerous It is hard to believe tha in a country that no longer has any dogs left because of the war German dogs are nevertheless killed immediately After all Germany started the war and Russians still hate them so much they even hate their dogs So imagine the fear and awe13 year old Mikhail feels when he finds a severely wounded soldier with the most beautiful obedient German Shepard he has ever seen and with whom he immediately falls in loveMikhail helps the soldier home but despite all his mother's efforts the man dies Mikhail his mother sister Rina 9 and older brother Nicolai 15 take the man's body to the police to report his death but now the uestion is what to do with Zasha the dog? Well by now all three kids are in love with her and even their mother has some affection for the beautiful dog and so it is decided that they will keep Zasha but make sure she is well hidden from prying eyes Still despite their best efforts two people suspect the family of having a dog Katia a not well liked by him classmate of Mikhail is the first to come around snooping Under the pretext that she is helping out on her father's newspaper Katia is rather desperate to discover the hidden dog In her zeal Katia tells the brothers about a man not far away who is trying to start a dog kennel at the abandoned Orlov farmIntrigued the boys sneak over to the farm and discover what Katia said was true The army has assigned one of their soldiers Dimitri to start trying to breed a superdog that could be used for both work and the military Unfortunately all Dimitri has to work with in creating this superdog is a bunch of ragtag dogs that are anything but super Wouldn't he just love to have Zasha? Thanks to Katia who had already told him her suspicions Dimitri's hopes are confirmed when he sees the boys have German Shepard dog hairs all over their clothing And added to Katia and Dimitri's desire to discover Zasha are the two dangerously desperate dog thieves that show up on the farm to search for Zasha because there is lots of money to be made if you have dogs to sellOn top of all this it turns out Zasha may be even valuable than originally thought when it is discovered that she is pregnant Will the family be able to keep Zasha and her pups safe and out of the hands of all those who want her for their own purposes?Saving Zasha has all the makings of an exciting nail biting adventure story for any reader who likes good historical fiction andor a great dog story It is a finely wrought debut novel for Randi Barrow and she has created a realistic situation and characters in a book that is sure to win over many middle grade readers Barrow writes at the end of the novel that by the end of World War II there was a shortage of dogs because so many were used during the war and didn't survive Indeed at one part in the novel Mikhail's mother's explains how they were used When the war ended the army really did set about creating a kind of superdog called the Black Russian Terrier Be sure to read this part of the bookThe preuel Finding Zasha has just been released and is said to be just as exciting as Saving Zasha and may even answer a few of the uestions about Zasha's past that you might have if you have already read Saving Zasha I hopeThis book is recommended for readers age 9 12This book was borrowed from the Children's Center branch of the NYPL