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Monster Blood Tattoo Book Ì Lamplighter Download ¾ Continuing the absorbing inventive saga started in Foundling Lamplighter follows RossamYuml;nd Bookchild now one of the Emperor's lamplighters who is sworn to protect travelers from the ferocious bogles that live in the wild Small and meek he does not fit in Then a haughty young fContinuing the absorbing inventive saga started in Foundling Lamplighter follows RossamYuml;nd Bookchild now one of the Emperor's lamplighters who is sworn to protect travelers fr This took a long time to finish because I was listening to this at night before bed and I would often fall asleep and have to rewind it the next night I finally finished it early this morning While I didn't like this one uite as much as the first book or the last I had to read book 3 a few months ago for review it was still a good read and I was drawn into the world of our intrepid young hero I just love Rossamünd He's like my honorary little boy Just a sweet kid When he hurt I hurt when he was lonely and uncertain I wanted to hug and comfort him I was proud of him when he triumphed He has a lot honor bravery love and heart than a lot of grown men and he is a very humane person which counts for a whole lot in these books He alone makes this book series worthwhileI wasn't as enad of the lifestyle of a lamplighter Perhaps a bit too regimented for me I believe that Rossamünd is about ten or so but he is treated like a grownup like an army recruit in a dangerous job that didn't make a lot of sense to me Mind numbingly boring and unnecessarily dangerous Not a good mix at all Basically folks risking their lives on the roads to keep the highways lighted way out in the boondocks because that's so important for the glory of the Emperor of the Half Continent The grunts are hard working folks and some of their superiors as well But as always you run into useless bureaucrats like the Master of Clerks who appear to want folks to end up dead I couldn't figure out if he was just clueless or deliberately evil I am leaning towards the latter since he is in cahoots with one in this book who definitely is evilAs always Rossamünd struggles with the moral conflicts of killing monsters or stepping aside in this war when innocent humans' lives are at stakes He knows uite well that not all monsters are bad and not all humans are good He has to make the choice to fight or not near the end when things come to a head And he chooses rightly But for his troubles he has to deal with enemies that are high in the government's workings Good to know he has a powerful person or two on his side like EuropeI have to be honest that I spent a lot of this book looking for Europe when she wasn't around It's because I love the relationship between her and Rossamünd I think that she is the mother that he never had and he is her child in all but birth But beyond that is a mutual respect and an essential aspect to their relationship that challenges them both to be better in the ways that are uniue to each as an individualThrenody a young girl that also joins the Lamplighter corp is much as I would have imagined Europe as a girl Very haughty yet unsure her social superiority much like armor against the hurts of the world and the fact that she can't ever live up to her highborn mother's expectations It was not surprising that she and Europe didn't get along at all No doubt due to a sort of jealousy for Rossamünd's attention that Threnody feels and perhaps some projection on her by Europe for the young Europe that she sees in the girl Threnody was a bit annoying for most of the book but at the same time she grew on me because I could see how she connected to Rossamünd and depended on a relationship with him to be 'normal' and perhaps feel human And that is a bit of irony in itself Cornish has a way with imbuing this work with characters of distinction even if their roles are uite small at times I loved seeing Masters Fransitart and Cramupalin again And I liked some of the fellow lamplighters and authoritative figures that Rossamünd engages with The bad guys are uite unlikeable be it evil monsters or evil beaurocrat humans But the good thing is no one is cardboard or lackluster As far as world building this book has a complexity that makes it a difficult listen than read However it was distinct creative and interesting This world of monsters against humans isn't all black and white but very much in shades of gray which works well when you have a lead figure like Rossamünd who doesn't fit especially perfect in either world Although I didn't enjoy this as much as book one or book three it was still enjoyable More than anything this is due to an unforgettable and utterly endearing main character My beloved Rossamünd stands out to me What a sweet kid he is Eually fascinating is our Lady Europa The Branden Rose A woman of power and authority who has a surprisingly tender heart when it comes to Rossamünd I love her for thatI am sad to see this series come to an end as far as my reading pleasure I would love to see of Rossamünd and EuropeThis won't work for every YA or even older reader but I like that it is a bit off the beaten track and challenging in the subject matter I feel that the writer put a lot of energy and effort into building this world and his characters will linger long in my mind even though I have finished this book A sign of a good book indeed for this readerKodi Smit McPhee as Rossamünd Bookchildimage error

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Om the ferocious bogles that live in the wild Small and meek he does not fit in Then a haughty young female monster hunter is forced upon the lamplighters for training As RossamYu This is a very very special bookFor those of you always looking for something to fill the Harry Potter hole this blows everything else away completelyOur hero Rossamund is now a Lamplighter in training Lamplighters are a branch of the military whose job it is to light the Emperor's highways and help keep traveler's safe The fortress where he lives and trains is as large and mysterious as Hogwarts ever was Although there is no magic there is Alchemy EVERYWHERE large and small helpful and lethalThe world is full of monsters As Rossamund learns his trade he becomes increasingly aware that people are not always good monsters are not always evil and figuring out which is which can be deadly He wrestles with choices finds friends in unlikely places riddles out greater mysteries and wonders why he is different and what that meansSound familiar It's not This book is SO different Example A lamplighter's toolweapon is called a Fodicar Part pike part screwdriver it's used on the lanterns to turn and crank the inner workings and light them It's also used against monsters as a weapon Well I wondered what it looked like Then I went to the back of the book and found a two page detailed illustration of not only a Fodicar but the entire uniform of a Lamplighter with 21 various detailed accoutrements and their respective usesDid I mention the maps Did I mention the Explicarium glossaryUmmm WowThe larger world is vast and filled not only with monsters but political intrigue The Emperor and his wars with other countries where they don't kill monsters The economy the guilds the trades how they revolve around monsters how they work together and how they relate to politics locally and nationally is COOL and just so beyond some Harry Potter hole filling kid's bookI'm going into my Foundling review and giving it a 5th star I think I was just so surprised by the detail and the characters many of whom are so strange and slightly disturbing that I just couldn't embrace it at the timeBut the whole experience is really growing on me Book Three just came out and I'm off to find it

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Monster Blood Tattoo LamplighterMl;nd begins to make new friends in the dangerous world of the Half Continent he also seems to make enemies finding himself pushed toward a destiny that he could never have imagin Well For so long I've staunchly resisted giving out five stars to almost anything but the greats Tolkien and Lewis It just felt wrong to put lesser things in the same class as the absolute best we have the works of the Masters The Monster Blood Tattoo series is helping me see that to give the same rating to books of different kinds isn't necessarily to euate them It's not comparing apples to oranges like peanuts to peacocks or toadstools to trampolines A five star hotel is not the same thing as a five star broadway play but both items are capable of excellence in their own line So I'm giving Lamplighter five stars It isn't The Lord of the Rings no but taken as what it is and is trying to be it's doing its job deftly It's top shelf for the sort of thing it is My daughter is enjoying them too if proof were needed that it's working for the series' intended audience as well After a generation or two of cheap Tolkien knock offs that replicate the superficial aspects of his fiction and entirely miss its spirit the world of the Half Continent feels uniue and original and vividly realized While rooted recognizably in real world history it's also sprouting creative and imaginative ideas on every side and the incredible level of detail has been organized into what feels a real civilization with thousands of years of history First rate worldbuilding I won't say there are no flaws at all the characters especially the protagonist who's in possession of the most clues the soonest can be frustratingly slow at putting them together and recognizing the villains' concealed treachery As a reader I wanted Rossamund to smarten up a little But this sort of thing isn't able to sink what is in most respects such a well built tale Looking forward to the third book And I just learned from looking up author DM Cornish that he did the superb illustrations himself This fellow is one to watch Mr DJ Edwardson you simply must If I have a friend who can appreciate the labor that went into this it is you