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The award winning bestselling author's first novel The beamjacks w. I read this book many years ago in 1989 when it first came out It is part of a series and I had meant to read the other books but life interfered and while waiting for the other books to come out I forgot about the series and never read them I am now going to read the series after all these years I re read this book having forgotten many of the details and I once again enjoyed it greatly This book is set in the year 2016 and is about mankind's future in near space Unfortunately many of the things that Mr Steele thought would come to pass didn't The technology has changed in unforeseen ways also and the book is a little dated One thing he did get correct is the importance that commercial companies will play in modern space flight This book is about the building of our space infrastructure and about the blue collar workers who live and work in space It is also about how some unlikely people decide to be heroes even if it may kill them This book is a great read and I am looking forward to reading the rest of this series

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Orbital DecaySt space And they're not going to let the military control them an. Originally published in 1989 Orbital Decay was Allen Steele’s first published science fiction novel Why it took so long to bring out the Kindle edition is beyond me but I’m glad that Open Road Media has just done soFor anyone who has NOT had the pleasure of reading Steele’s work If you enjoy ‘hard’ science fiction you’re missing out on something I first discovered him via his Coyote series which definitely influenced my own SF blog novel Colony AlchibahEven in his first book Orbital Decay the careful development of the characters is evident You get to know them as if they were friends of yoursWhen you consider that the book was written in the 1980’s you can overlook a few anachronisms cassette taped music because the large plot involves something that is making headlines this very day; a project by the NSA to track and intercept all phone internet and other transmissions between all Americans and others in the name of “national security” Talk about prescient predictions and an SF story becoming realityA few members of a space station construction team discover the real intent of the stations they’re working on or affiliated with They are the only ones who can sabotage the “Big Ear” to keep the government from spying on all AmericansThat is about all the plot I’ll share with youSteele gives the right amount of day to day details of life in space personal interactions and ‘moving the plot forward’ mechanisms to keep the story moving along Unlike many science fiction novels the last section of the book moves at breakneck paceA fine read

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Download í Orbital Decay à PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Á The award winning bestselling author's first novel The beamjacks work in zero gravity constructing satellites in the vacuum of deepest space And they're not going to let the military control them anyOrk in zero gravity constructing satellites in the vacuum of deepe. This is basically about construction workers in Earth orbit Character development is deep and entertaining Some of the technology is old such as music cassettes in space and the idea of the NSA monitoring our phone calls is passe' Nonetheless the book relates a fine adventure