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Dark Angel reader à 398 pages Download ä Tania's heart belongs to Orlando Nothing can rip them apart until the seduction begins in a flurry of glamour and magic music and parties all orchestrated by the mysterious and mesmerising Zoran an iconic rock star who has retired to a ranch in the nearby mountains And there Tania meets the dark siAnd magic music and parties all orchestrated by the mysterious and mesmerising Zoran an iconic rock star who This book was very different to what I was expecting as well as what I’m used to reading; what I thought would be an easy and non thought provoking read has left me dumb struck and doubting real life I am almost at a loss of what to say after being completely and utterly stunned by this enchanting and gripping readThe main character is Tania a girl living in a mountain village that often suffers from forest fires; which she unfortunately has a fear of When a famous musical idol of hers moves into a house near her town and she is invited to a welcoming party she is introduced to a life she never knew existed as well as a danger she couldn’t possibly imagine With some beautiful both boys and girls enticing friends to join the local stars cult she has to fight an impossible force to prevent her soul being ripped from her Tania was a fairly strong however not entirely convincing leading lady she constantly doubts her actions as well as what she believes is going on The most noteworthy secondary characters I thought included Daniel Grace Orlando and Zoran Daniel is an enticing member of Zoran’s cult that is used to try to get Talia involved in the goings on I do feel that he had a great chance of being successful being not easily deterred Grace is Tania’s best friend who gets dragged into the cult and cuts herself off from friends and family ultimately getting Tania to join to try and force her out Orlando is Tania’s boyfriend and although they have their issues in the book they also come together in a great way and I feel like it will be a relationship that lasts And finally Zoran is the amazing musical icon who moves to town who harbours some secrets of his own he uses his friends to get people to join his cultThe storyline is really original and almost hauntingly striking as if applied to everyday life and current superstars I feel could be an extremely likely scenario The pacing I though was brilliant building up an eerie picture and tension before dropping the bombshellA great read 45 stars only losing out because I didn’t think the main character was entirely believable

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Has retired to a ranch in the nearby mountains And there Tania meets the dark side Can she resist temptation First I want to start by saying that this book was WAY times ten better than her previous Beautiful Dead series or which I am beyond grateful When I first received this from the publisher and recognized the authors name I instantly was hesitant I mean I own all four Beautiful Dead books yet I could only make myself suffer through the first twoand really I shouldn't have even done thatBut this Oh yes I will be reading the seuel Job well done to Eden MaguireTania is basically your normal teenage girl And these teenagers are actually teenagers They go to parties the drink sometimes they worry about things like college and what should I wear tonight They are young reckless and real Which I loved Tania has grown up in a town that is plagues by wild fires her whole life Living there kinda makes everyone an expert on forest fires Where as we talk about the rain they talk about things like smoke off the mountain But the neighborhood she lives in was once burned down to the ground killing the family that lived in the lot her house now sits on So when Tania spends her life having nightmaresvisions or fire everyone just says it is because she is over sensitive In fact that is what she has been hearing through out her life about just about anything Every Time she gets upset over something they all say she is just being sensitive But then a retired rock stars comes to town and everything changes Now sensitive takes on a whole new meaning What was once considered a weakness is now her greatest strength and her only hope at defeating the darkness that is devouring her friendsWhile I do have to admit Tania's mood had me uestioning rather or not she was actually bi polar at times I still really loved her I mean you get an inside look into her thoughts and her uirky self banter made me laugh on than one occasion This is a slightly different twist on the whole angel scene that has been sweeping through YA lately Her the fallen angels aren't the guys you should be falling in love with They are in deed the bad guys I did like Maguire's take on the whole a devil who has a name is powerless theme It made the book really interesting and hard to put down The only reason why this didn't get 5 stars from me was because while it started off great it kinda fizzled by the end I mean the action was there but it just needed a little Umph All in all I can't wait for the next book and see if love can conuer all or if Tania will fall into the darkness

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Dark Angel Dark Angel #1Tania's heart belongs to Orlando Nothing can rip them apart until the seduction begins in a flurry of glamour I would like to think this novel had potential but it just fell flat The plot on a very basic level could have been good Who is Zoran Can he be trusted Can Daniel However it is so slow and drawn out that by the time anything happens I could not have cared less The characters had no personality at all and that made it hard to feel anything for them when Grace left them for Ezra All that apparently matters is how good looking they all are sigh I could partly forgive this short coming because fine they're angels but it still didn't sit well with me The relationship between Tania and Orlando is about the only funny thing in this book They argue about the most pointless childish things I was suprised they actually knew what sex was seeing as apart from arguing this is the only other element to their relationship Finally the grammar was shocking Whoever edited this book should be tried for crimes against literature I can forgive a few mistakes but to get the spelling of the main character's name wrong half way through the book a few times That is just ridiculous Highly disappointed