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Manifold TimeПоследни новини за края на света човечеството ще изчезне след 200 години Това гласи пророчеството на Картър и то е неоспоримо изразено с универсалния език на числата Все още обаче има начин да се избегне Катастрофата Когато едно кодирано съобщение от бъдещето изплува сред фона на космическия шум Рийд Маленфант бивш сл. Suuuuiiiidddsss innnnnn sppppaaacceeeeeI enjoyed attending Stephen Baxter's classwait this was a novel Manifold Time is the epitome of a Baxter three star effort some mind bending ideas about the cosmos a plot some classroom lessons some bad exposition of facts and some cardboard characters That being said I have enjoyed three of the four Baxter novels I've read to date including this oneIn true Baxter style Manifold is a canvas for awesome cosmological theories and implications I re read passages to understand the scope It was very cool in that respect However the characters are forgettable and are basically mouthpieces for the physics lessons Also and unfortunately most of Baxter's books are lessons in how not to handle exposition in a story Good exposition gives us information in the flow of the story We don't even know it's being done We're just being introduced to the author's world and ideasnaturally Baxter kind of gives up and just uses a smart character to explain things to a less smart character who is a proxy for the likely even less smart reader Manifold Time covers the Doomsday argument Fermi paradox genetic engineering and humanity's extinction I occasionally read non fiction that discusses these types of ideas and I'm sure I could perhaps find better sources to base myself on but I have a day job and I like fiction So as a rule and to a limited extent I forgive Mr Baxter's failure to use good exposition and characterization Whatever it's fun The fact that a ragtag plot holds some of the information together is fine Just be prepared to read with your eyes constantly rolling due to how you're being fed the information In this first book in the Manifold series entrepreneur Reid Malenfant has an idea to exploit an asteroid for space travel when he's convinced by a weirdo to communicate with future humans to figure out how to outsmart humanity's doomed destiny There's Big Dumb Objects statistics time travel black hole energy harvesting and suids In spaceA particular beef this book introduced me to the concept of the Carter catastrophe In looking it up during and after the book I'm pretty sure that Baxter could have described it a little better When I read the probabilistic doomsday prediction in Manifold it felt very flawed to me and I couldn't let that go I'm no mathlete but it was kind of the lynchpin to the whole story and I wasn't buying it I also did not buy how uickly Malenfant accepts the theory wholesaleI love being exposed to these kinds of ideas so I will continue to read Baxter In particular I am fascinated by the Fermi paradox the apparent contradiction between high estimates of the probability of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations and the lack of evidence for or contact with such civilizations and its solutions I understand this is dealt with in the seuel Manifold Space I'll read thatand likely give it three stars and copy paste and only mildly edit this current review

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ужител в НАСА и амбициозен предприемач пренасочва цялата си космическа програма за да разбере какво означава то Съобщението дава координатите на Крутний отдалечената втора луна на Земята но никой не знае как да стигне до там Скоро Маленфант бившата му жена Ема едно свръхинтелигентно дете и параноичен математик гени. I don't want to take the time to write out a full review for this book so here's just a few un organized thoughtsSometimes it feels like the story is just a framework for Baxter to explain cosmological theories and principles of physics This leads to very boring stretches in the book like when the main characters are traveling through hundreds of virtually indistinguishable universes that differ only in their laws and durations which the characters are somehow able to intuit based on being in the universe for a few minutesPerhaps as a result of point one Baxter sometimes has characters thinking thoughts that don't seem natural for their backgroundcharacterization for example the Senator that sits and contemplates aspects of uantum theoryThe portrayal of humanity at large was a bit of a caricature Sure some of the events in the book would cause some wide scale panic but it seems like he goes a bit overboard here By the end of the book you're thinking Gosh if we were really like that than we probably should all be destroyedHonestly I stuck to it but I seriously contemplated just moving on to something else several times The book seems to go on and on and I was genuinely bored by about 75 80% of this book I kept thinking Life's too short to read a boring book for entertainment I stuck it out thought and gave it a chance The end of the book was actually fairly interesting and relatively engaging If the book were about half its length I think all of the story could have been told and all of the points philosophical theoretical and political could have been made and the whole story would have been much engaging

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READ & DOWNLOAD ☆ Manifold: Time î Последни новини за края на света човечеството ще изчезне след 200 години Това гласи пророчеството на Картър и то е неоспоримо изразено с универсалния език на числата Все ощй се отправят към Крутний Резултатът е откриването на истинската причина за съществуването на човечеството Но дали това знание ще помогне за спасяването на човешката раса Време твърдо поставя Бакстър в традицията на Артър Кларк и Айзък Азимов Колко успокоително е да знаем че поне някой все още гледа към звездитеТайм. whew done Exhausting depressing silliness And I'm confused how is it Emma survived to see the end of it all in the year 2208 The story begins 2010 and yet there she is And the congresswoman too Oops big error here Uh oh would this be considered a spoiler Well I don't care I don't recommend this to anyone The open desires for a socialist world order together with the atheist and humanist movements are too in your face nowadays and only spawns hopelessness and despair hence the violent world reaction and breakdown of society in the story I'll say it is ok only for the relationship of Melanfant and Emma I hung in there just to see if they'd make itNow on page 100 I'm feeling pretty inadeuate when compared to Sheena the suid Not only can she repair space euipment using sea silk spun from sea weed she gathers but she can recognize star positions well enough to determine her position in space even accurately than Dan at command center on Earth I don't blame her for looking at mankind as inferior geez Scary hint that Dan may end up with one peeved off mollusc fyi don't know who Art Morris is wierd pop up view into miscellaneous unknown character today but no once a Marine always a Marine esp when disabled out there is no used to be MarineAnother thing I can not understand about this crazy writing if a suid understands it has responsibility to this mission why does the beyond genius child not figure he's gifted for a purpose beyond living in a grass hut and does he really think the village herbalist is the most powerfulAnd um if Cornelius knows the Carter catastrophe is coming no matter whatthen would he really care whether the US Russia China or Sesame Street is first to fund an off Earth program for Pete's sake lmao I don't know who made me laugh the congresswoman's Carter Who the hell is Carter or Sheena's remembering the male she had known the male with the bright mindless eyes Mindless lmao Even a suid gives you guys no breakI am only on page 55 of this soap opera science fiction should I bother to finish It's crazy stupid And hilarious I'll have to pick it back up tomorrow to find answers to these uestions Will the jaded accountant be able to convince her eccentric ex husbandboss to start the family they chose not to when married because they once believed the world was overpopulated now that they're given a graph showing the world will indeed end in 200 years because of overpopulationWho is this mysterious and creepy benefactor Cornelius Is he a prophet An alien Or likely could he be from the future If so how many times will he say I don't know Thus far I've counted 6And most importantly has Sheena the suid ruined the mission before it gets off the ground by getting herself knocked up Will Dan the marine biologist forgive her Has the congresswoman risked her career by getting involved at all Did she ever get to pee rflmao what lunacy