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READ & DOWNLOAD Kingdom Come í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ¹ The unforgettable best selling miniseries by acclaimed writer Mark Waid and superstar painter Alex Ross returns in a special oversized feature packed Absolute Edition just in time for its 10th anniversarySet at the dawn of the 21st century in a world spinning inexoraA new wraparound image by Ross Also included is an extended character sketch section a peek into Ross's own sketchbook text pieces by Waid and Ross annotations of the entire series rare art from magazines trading cards T shirts the novel and promotional images a gallery of DC Direct Kingdom Come products the evolution of a story page and mu. Stunned I am stunned This is absolutely stunning Where to even startThe closest thing I can compare this to is Crisis On Infinite Earths It's on a much smaller scale setting wise just the one Earth but the cast of characters is immense so complex and otherworldly I won't even get into it And the writing is ripe with social criticism and politics And there are many plotsThe story much like Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross's Marvels is told from a bystander's perspective a pastor who has lost faith and begun to envision the end of days He eventually guides Spectre through the destruction to cast judgment on humanity and whether humans or super humans are responsible One subplot is humans versus super humans Humans have suffered from the belligerence of the new guard and the resignation of the old guard While the war rages the humans are forced to become involved and protect themselves And are they guilty for having overstepped and become involved in a war of gods or have the super humans reaped what they've sown Another subplot is Superman's path to redemption which could be applied to all the super humans for failing to protect the humans and uphold a higher moral code While they fight among themselves they commit a gross disservice and injustice disgracing the name of hero Social criticism Themes to name a few Fascism Totalitarianism Democracy Capital punishment War and peace Ageism Capitalism Oligarchy America The list goes on and on So Mark Waid killed on the writing And Alex Ross as usual had me drooling over the artwork I would very much like to own something framed and signed by him

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The unforgettable best selling miniseries by acclaimed writer Mark Waid and superstar painter Alex Ross returns in a special oversized feature packed Absolute Edition just in time for its 10th anniversarySet at the dawn of the 21st century in a world spinning inexorably out of control Waid and Ross weave a tale of youth versus experience tra. One of the DC’s crown jewels This TPB edition collects “Kingdom Come” #1 4 plus an epilogue exclusive of the collected TPB edition an introduction by Elliot S Maggin who did the prose novelization and a Sketch gallery including a guide of the characters portraited on each individual cover of the original comic book issuesCreative TeamWriters Mark Waid Alex RossIllustrator Alex RossLetterer Todd Klein ROAD TO KINGDOM COME This epic tale showing the last days of the DC Super heroes risen from two separate ideasFirst an unpublished proposal by Alan Moore titled “Twilight of the Super Heroes” when naing something with the word “twilight” didn’t left you with a bitter taste of shinin’ vampires where precisely was about a grim future where the main powerhouses of DC have formed clans and they were in war with each other you can watch in the direct to video animated film Justice League Crisis in Two Earths some of this developed there and which that said animated movie was originally a “bridge” between the animated TV series Justice League and its following seasons renamed Justice League UnlimitedSecond Alex Ross had done Marvels for Marvel Comics and he wanted to make a similar project for DC Comics but where Marvels is a portrait of the first days of Marvel Universe here it’s a study of how the last days of DC Universe may look Later Alex Ross would define the parameters for Earth X a project to show the last days of Marvel Universe WHEN BEING GOOD GOT OUTDATED Superman was the first super hero and he “wrote” the book for all the super heroes not matter the publishing house that follow him creating a new literary genre on its own rightWhile Batman has been adapted uite successfully for each era grim campy dark friendly dark again etcit seems that the core elements of what makes Superman tick where so tight attached to his 1938’s roots that while his super power levels had been changed from time to time his very never ending image of truth justice and freedom inspiring hope to all mankind it was something that without a doubt if you take out that he isn’t Superman anybut the future OUR future as society will have space for something so good hearted as SupermanAlex Ross and Mark Waid show us the grim scenario uite ready witted where new generations of super heroes take in their own hands what they see as justice without remorse of the loss of livesMagog the new prototype of super hero makes what Superman couldn’t do and what’s worse there isn’t any reprimand or conseuence for Magog’s actions by the law of men which a broken hearted Superman broken hearted that you can imagine left society in a self imposed retirement leaving behind any trace of humanity and embracing his original Kryptonian heritageIf hope left usis there any reason to live in the future BLOOD AND THUNDER Ten years later without hope among humankind a new generation of super heroes without morals without any code without rules without responsability for their actions without any role model to follow is becoming so threatening that The Spectre is ready to impart judgement over Earth sinceKingdom Come the armageddon is upon usHowever The Spectre was Jim Corrigan so many time ago that he “forgets” how to be human so he choses a guideEnter Norman McCayNorman is a preacher a man of God which it seems like the best option to guide the incoming judgment for the “gods” among men with powers and abilitities far beyond of mortalsWonder Woman forces Superman to return to a world that desperately needs hope again soon enough a new Justice League risen recruting as many power houses as possibleHowever not everybody especially those without special powers will take kindly the intervention of this new Justice League where two men will be particularly worried about this new development in an already volatile world situationBruce Wayne aka Batman and Lex LuthorEach of those two human beings each representing the ultimate potential for a human being without super powers can be forming their own armies to take on their own angles against the new Justice LeagueIt's men versus godsHowever Lex Luthor possess the wild card in this apocalypsing crisisCaptain Marvel the Earth’s Mightiest Mortal This is a warand in a war ALWAYS there are deathslots of themKingdom Come is upon uslet’s prayfor everybody


Kingdom ComeDition versus change and what defines a hero KINGDOM COME is a riveting story pitting the old guard Superman Batman Wonder Woman and their peers against a new uncompromising generation of heroes that declare war against each other to determine the future of the planet This Absolute Edition is a whopping 340 page slipcased hardcover featuring. Three words Alex Ross' artwork Wow The detail in this is beautiful and the way he aged these iconic heroes without making them appear creepy was amazing Which begs the uestion Why do so many artists euate aging with disfigurement Ahem steps down from soap boxMark Waid really does a good job at telling this what if tale It's not perfect but it definitely has it's momentsview spoiler An aging Batman is talking to the now grey Superman and in mid sentence Bruce turns around only to notice that Clark is gone He almost smiles and says So that's how that feels I don't know why exactly but that was my favorite part of the entire book hide spoiler