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Sexing the Cherry review ä 103 ä Best Book, Sexing the Cherry Author Jeanette Winterson This is very good and the main topic to read with book details 144 pages isbn 9780099778608 format Paperback and othersBest Book Sexing the Cherry Author Jeanette Winterson Thi. Date 15 January 23rd JanuaryTime 1900 – 2015Location The BoxExcerpt from interview with P BryantDetective Munch Thing is my literary friend you got no proofPB ProofDet Munch Anyone can invent an identity and claim to have read like a zillion books and then post up fake reviews Anyone I could pay 15 year olds to do it PB Well so what That’s the internet for you Who caresDet Pembleton Who cares Did you hear that John Who cares We care Let me explain a little This Goodreads thing it used to be nothing much a few book geeks with no social life who gave a tinker’s damn one way or the other But now now’s differentDet Munch Now you have like 20 million people on this site Now it’s big Now you get mentions in Fortune magazine You know Fortune That’s like when rich people notice Have you heard of rich people Yeah When they notice it’s importantDet Pembleton So we see that you reviewed this Jeanette Winterson novel here er “Sexing The Cherry” and awarded it a whole two stars I mean come on buddy where’s your proof that you even read this damn thing PB It was years ago There’s no proof You just have to take my wordDet Munch As a man of honourPB Well er I probably wouldn’t uite use those wordsDet Munch Well let’s see if we can figure this thing out May I direct your attention to these three mug shots Take your time Tell us which one is Jeanette Winterson He takes photos of Jeanette Winterson Sara Waters and Ellen Degeneres and spreads them on the tablePB Er – this doesn’t prove anythingDet Pembleton Not in itself Let’s say it’s anindicator PB stabs blindly at the photo of Ellen DegenaresDet Pembleton Did you see that Detective Munch The interviewee has indicated the photo of Ellen Degeneres who is an American television personality and not an English novelist Det Munch I did see that Frank I take that to be indicativePB Anyhow how did I get here You guys you’re Balti murder cops I seen you in that showDet Munch We’re on secondment You’re right this fake reviewing crime isn’t murder except in the sense of murdering a writer’s reputation with fake reviews and fake ratings and general fake fakery You do realise that your fake reviews get Google hits This is not some nerdy game This is real life PB The last thing I remember I was at home – I heard a hissing noise it was a kind of gas coming through my front door keyholeand I woke up here I’ve read about this this is called extraordinary renditionDet Pembleton Well could be extraordinary to you but not to us Come on let’s uit the amusing back and forth – did you really read this novelPB Yes Years agoDet Munch And what did you think of itPB It was weird and phantasmagoricalDet Munch Much like her other one The Passion which you also “read” PB Yes – no – yes Different But similar Oh I don’t knowDet Pembleton John let’s leave Mr Bryant to think things over for a minute or so They leave The Box and join the Goodreads editorial staff who have been observing the interview through the two way mirror Det Pembleton He’ll break They all do eventually

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Ls 144 pages isbn 9780099778608 format Paperback and othe. A very rewarding reading experienceMy favorite uote“The Buddhists say there are 149 ways to God I'm not looking for God only for myself and that is far complicated God has had a great deal written about Him; nothing has been written about me God is bigger like my mother easier to find even in the dark I could be anywhere and since I can't describe myself I can't ask for help”

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Sexing the CherryS is very good and the main topic to read with book detai. This book feels like Winterson's love letter to time its uncertainties and the almost imperceptible irregularities to the fickle nature of reality and to the ephemerality of truth It can even be read as a lengthy ode and I am completely besotted with itAt the crux of the book is the idea that the spacetime we inhabit is a lie we tell ourselves perhaps even a mirage projected by our thirst for a tangible reality But reality itself is not static it is a product of intersections between multiple trajectories and some of these points appear to be densely concentrated with truth than others And so the dog woman and Jordan live through multiple ages through various phatasmagoric landscapes bearing witness to the erratic looping and unwinding of timeWinterson clearly believes in imbuing her characters with an agency a sense of self that can even be separated from the story This is very evident in her retelling of the tale of the twelve dancing sisters where each sister practices an autonomy that is unshakeable in its essenceThe events outlined in Sexing The Cherry happen in two different centuries perhaps even simultaneously What's significant is the subterfuge of its characters across all lifetimes their unapologetic resistance to the sedimentary nature of time and the homage they pay both to their past and future selves since all of time is just a single point in this book while making their selfhoods anewWith its occasional dark humour and witty commentary on love sex gender capitalism sin and religion Sexing The Cherry is nothing short of a masterpiece The writing style also reminded me of one of my favourite poetry collections The World Doesn't End Suffice it to say that I am in love with this book My experience of time is mostly like my experience with maps Flat moving in a or less straight line from one point to another Being in time in a continuous present is to look at a map and not see the hills shapes and undulations but only the flat form There is no sense of dimension only a feeling for the surface Thinking about time is dizzy and precipitousThinking about time is like turning the globe round and round recognizing that all journeys exist simultaneously that to be in one place is not to deny the existence of another even though that other place cannot be felt or seen our usual criteria for belief