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Years later what really happened to Christopher CreedWhen Torey Adams posts on his blog that a body has been found in Steepleton four years after Christopher Creed disappeared college reporter Mike Mavic sells his laptop an. It’s been five years since Christopher Creed disappeared four since Torey Adams launched his website ChrisCreedcom in an attempt to make sense of the the way his classmate vanished into thin air Five years and not a single solitary trace of Chris Creed has ever been found Then Torey posts a new message on his website a body has been discovered in the woods outside of SteepletonMike Mavic a legally blind college reporter who sees than most has been a huge fan of ChrisCreedcom from the beginning Chris’s story told with both sympathy and honesty by Adams is not so very different from his own right down to the domineering and obsessively controlling mother When he reads Torey’s latest post Mike knows he has to get to Steepleton Here is his chance to uncover a story that could well and truly launch his career as a journalist More than that he can face his own demons but do it from a step removed by telling Chris Creed’s tale instead of his own Determined to get to the root of the Creed disappearance Mike sells his laptop and buys a plane ticket for New JerseyWhen he arrives in town Mike learns two things right away The first is that the body in the woods is not Christopher Creed’s but that doesn’t necessarily kill his story Because the second thing Mike discovers is that Steepleton has been living under a cloud of bad luck and ill feelings ever since Creed disappeared To the current crop of high school kids Chris Creed’s vanishing act is just another local legend something from the past that doesn’t mean anything important to them with one exception Chris Creed’s brother Justin now a high school student himself has recently become obsessed with his brother’s vanishing act Deeply troubled and falling uickly into drug addiction Justin teeters on the edge of mental catastrophe As he travels about Steepleton completing his interviews Mike struggles to hang on to his journalistic objectivity and still find a way to help Justin learn what happened to Christopher CreedI loved The Body of Christopher Creed so a seuel written along the same lines a psychological mystery powered by an ever increasing thread of tension would have hard time living up to the standard that the first book set But while Following Christopher Creed is undoubtedly another top flight psychological mystery it is also markedly different from its predecessor in some respects Where the first novel was like a cable being wound ever tighter this seuel is that same cable as it frays and then comes steadily unwound It is the unraveling of kinks and knots that leads to a central core of truthThe Body of Christopher Creed was essentially two stories a pair of excellent intricate character studies The life of Christopher Creed was revealed in absentia and the reader watched Torey Adams in the present as his relentless uest for the truth gradually alienated him from most of the other residents of Steepleton Following Christopher Creed is also built around two stories It’s about the events that have lead to Justin Creed’s slide toward drug abuse and mental illness since his brother’s disappearance and also about Mike Mavic’s journey toward making peace with his own difficult past As with the first novel Ms Plum Ucci has used prose plot and pacing here brilliantly to hook the reader from the first scene and keep him or her feverishly turning pages until the very endNote It is not strictly necessary to have read The Body of Christopher Creed before you read Following Christopher Creed although you should because it is amazing Where information fro the first book is needed Ms Plum Ucci has made clever use of Mavic’s exhaustive knowledge of the contents of ChrisCreedcom to fill in the necessary background

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Following Christopher Creed Steepleton Chronicles #2D hops a plane to capture the story that will undoubtedly launch his journalistic career But what Mike finds is a town suffering under a cloud of bad freuency and people with an underlying streak of meanness To the teens of. I remembered absolutely loving The Body of Christopher Creed and not being able to put it down When I found Following Christopher Creed I was beyond excited I started by re reading The Body of Christopher Creed this morning and read Following Christopher Creed right after Unfortunately I was disappointed with the latter To me Following Christopher Creed was drawn out up until around the last 20 pages or so Only then did I develop any sort of appreciation for how the novel had been crafted and yes I am slow to admit it but the ending did take me by surprise

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Download à Following Christopher Creed (Steepleton Chronicles, #2) 106 Å Years later what really happened to Christopher CreedWhen Torey Adams posts on his blog that a body has been found in Steepleton—four years after Christopher Creed disappeared—college reporter Mike Mavic sells his laptop and hops a plaSteepleton Chris is nothing than history but to Justin Creed a teen obsessed with his older brother’s memory and balancing on the edge of sanity discovering what really happened to Chris Creed is a matter of life and dea. I loved the first book The Body of Christopher Creed naturally I was surprised as well as ecstatic when I found out Plum Ucci was writing a fallow up novel I couldn't find the book so I got it on audible and put it on my ipod Loved it In the beginning I had a lot of uestions about why she would choose to write about a character not in the original book but by the end it all made sense If you liked the first one I strongly suggest you read the second