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Anna and the French KissThere is an alternate cover edition for this ISBN13 hereCan Anna find love in the City of LightAnna is happy in Atlanta She has a loyal best friend and a crush on her coworker at the movie theater who is just st When I was four I fell off a tree I hit the ground face first What I didn't know was that there was a very small sharp root sticking out of the ground at the base of the tree It went through my cheek I went to the ER but had to wait until 2am because it was a busy night I sat there for hours in that ER with a hole in my cheek When the doctor finally saw me he thought that since it was a busy night and there were so many people in the ER that he would just sew up my cheek without having to wait for an anesthetic And he did He sewed my cheek back together with no pain relief I have never experienced pain like that again in my life Until now Anna and the French Kiss was painful than that night in hospital It is a lifeless desolate lump of a novel Its only purpose in this world is as a gauge by which we measure bad novels This is the bottom of the gauge and Twilight is at the top Anna is the stupidest person I've ever come across in fiction She is a self confessed film buff and hopes to one day become America's leading film critic She obviously must know A LOT about film then eh sigh She's a supposed film buff but yet knows nothing of Paris PARIS The home of fucking film At one point in the novel she is genuinely SURPRISED that Paris has cinemas FUCKING CINEMAS How can she be so incredibly ignorant of the place where film was fucking invented and know literally nothing of French cinema BUT YET call herself a fan of film Ridiculous She eventually actually goes to the cinema a couple of times but lo and behold what does she watch American films She in the home of film and she watches American films I can't deal with this girl Oh but let us for one second talk about the love interest Mr My Name Is So French It's Borderline Racist Étienne St Clair He is literally every male love interest YA cliche rolled into one festering tumour of a character He's American BUT has a British accent he has messy hair BUT his room is meticulously clean he's book smart smells nice and is probably the Second Coming of Christ He is UNBEARABLE He's like Augustus Water but this guy doesn't have the common courtesy to die at the end How rudeI hated everything about this novel It felt unresearched rushed and in places dumbed down It is written in a style that I can only describe as unemployed Sex and the City screen writer I wish this novel came with a warning Keep out of reach of children and teenagers and adults dogs garden gnomes your grandmother school janitors priests gibbons and especially anybody who lives in Paris because this novel is an insult to their cityI'll finish with a uote from one of my favourite film critics Roger Ebert who gets a mention in this novel and I'm pretty sure he's turning in his grave because of it I'll manipulate the uote a bit but the sentiment still prevails This book doesn't scrape the bottom of the barrel This book isn't the bottom of the barrel This book isn't below the bottom of the barrel This book doesn't deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence with barrels

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Arting to return her affection So she's not too pleased when her father decides to send her to a boarding school in Paris for her senior year But despite not speaking a word of French Anna meets some cool new fr This book is adorable I’m not gonna lie Wealthy white teenagers having first world problems Anna the valiant is plucked from Georgia and “abandoned” by her parents at a boarding school for rich American teens living in Paris where she collapses into tears at the injustice of it allIntrigued That's only the beginning of this incredible taleSadly my hopes for a dramatic twist of the Taken variety came to naught as the entire novel progressed without a single gun fight kidnapping or car chase although at one point Anna's dream guy vomits on her In fact every plot twist for Anna and the French Kiss seems to have been lifted directly from rfirstworldproblems Chapter 1 Girl meets boy the plot thickensChapter 2 Girl wants to order some delicious Parisian food but does not speak French and is too embarrassed to ask for it in English even though everyone here speaks EnglishChapter 3 French is like such a hard languageChapter etc There’s some guy in Atlanta who wears skinny jeans below his bony arse and she likes him soooooo much but he doesn’t like her and he screwed her best friend insteadAlmost immediately after landing in Paris and commencing to wallow Anna “falls in love” with literally the first male she encounters mainly because of his hair which I imagine looks something like thisIf that weren’t enough this irresistible man creature of Anna's dreams also has an English accent speaks French omg omg omg and is approximately five feet tall Unfortunately though he’s craven and Anna’s a moron so they spend the rest of the book awkwardly not touching each other’s genitals Ah the plights of the teenager Seriously though this book is cute and unintentionally funny and will make you feel well disposed towards the world The GoodExcellent description of culture shock on return to AmericaThe BadThe characters are adorable but ultimately retarded The UglySo much teen angst so much crying so much drama

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kindle Ê Anna and the French Kiss Ó Paperback ï stephanie perkins ï There is an alternate cover edition for this ISBN13 hereCan Anna find love in the City of LightAnna is happy in Atlanta She has a loyal best friend and a crush on her coworker at the movie theater who is just starting to returnIends including the handsome Étienne St Clair who uickly becomes her best friend Unfortunately he's taken and Anna might be too Will a year of romantic near misses end with the French kiss she's been waiting fo This is one of the cutest feel good teen romances I have ever read It has a bit of everything that you want humour a likeable protagonist and a completely swoon worthy guy called Etienne St Clair You could fall in love with the name alone even without the fact that he's sweet kind honest and nothing at all like any of the English boys I grew up with It's a very cute book a very nice book neither is a bad thing but if I start mentioning words like 'cute' and 'nice' in a review you can guarantee two things a I liked it b It's not a 5 star novelI do understand completely why people love it but it was nothing new or unusual and didn't take me to new places emotionally or intellectually I'm not trying to discourage people from reading it in fact I would greatly stress that it is a delightful experience very very pleasant to read and never challenging or mind boggling at all I spent my entire Sunday completely submerged in it's sweet romantic pages and could have sighed with contentment at the end There are problems during the novel but everything works out everyone's happy and no one dies It's the exact opposite of the novels Anna's dad writesAnna is a simple average teenage girl who finds herself shipped off to an American boarding school in Paris; despite the trip to France most female readers will relate to Anna all she really wants at this point in her life is to hang out with friends kiss a hot boy and get asked to prom and eventually go to college It's hard to define exactly what it is I love about Anna but I understood her and recognised a lot of what she felt from my own experiences during high school Though I like characters that are new and different Anna's familiarity made her all the relatable and likeableAlso Etienne St Clair is damn sexy Even though I'm immune to the English accent thing because I live here with the exception of Spike in Buffy I completely fell for the guy It's so so nice and refreshing to have a male love interest who isn't a douche I've missed that And Etienne is adorable he even blushes So maybe he happens to be a little unrealistic But if you want honest depictions of the teenage male you can read some Melina Marchetta which I would highly recommend that you do But this novel wasn't about honesty it was about enjoyment I get that and I appreciate it Thank you Ms Perkins for such a lovable readBlog | Leafmarks | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr