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Download The uestion of God CS Lewis and Sigmund Freud Debate God Love Sex and the Meaning of Life ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ø Throughout the ages many of the world's greatest thinkers have wrestled with the concept of and belief in God It may seem unlikelThroughout the ages many of the world's greatest thinkers have wrestled with the concept of and belief in God It may seem unlikely that any new arguments or insights could be raised but the twentieth century managed to produce two brilliant men with two diametrically opposed views about the uestion of God Sigmund Freud and C S Lewis They never had an actual meeting but in The uestion of God their arguments are. A good premise but a flawed execution Worth reading if you have an interest in one of the men but I wouldn't hold this up as a prime example of scholarshipNicholi never uite gets into his groove when he discusses these two men Sometimes he switches back and forth between them with each paragraph and sometimes he devotes whole long sections to one man before ending it and moving on to another long section for the next He constantly throws in uotes but never really addresses evaluates or analyzes them enough for the reader he should be using uotes to get a sense for who the man is pointing out uniue characteristics distinctions in personality inconsistencies in worldview but so often he leaves the uote hanging there and moves on to another ideaThere were also key points in Lewis's life that he got wrong or ignored Nicholi refers to The Screwtape Letters as an address at a dinner for young devils in training but this is not the format for The Screwtape Letters The Screwtape Letters are letters from one demon to another over a long period of time It's Screwtape Proposes a Toast that is formatted as an address at a dinner which is section of prose Lewis added as an addendum to the book publication 15 years later Nicholi also never addresses Lewis's relationship with Mrs Moore at all which is often claimed to have been romantic in his section on sex and loveAnd for being a debate this discussion seems a little off kilter On the one hand you have a late 19th century scientist writing in the medical field and on the other hand an early 20th century classicistapologist writing about literature and philosophy It's clear who Nicholi favors in this comparison and if I were an atheist I think I would be very annoyed by how shallow he takes some of Freud's points There's a reason these two men never met or talked and often this debate felt contrived forced and unevenOften Nicholi lapses into purely biographical information for these authors in his debate something necessary only to a certain degree in a comparative book like this Throwing out facts and uotes from a person's life doesn't make for a good debate unless you are actually going to contrast and juxtapose the two points of view So often he throws out useless uestions but this is not a classroom where students need to think about these issues to study for a test this is a scholarly researched analytical book that should be doing the thinking for the reader So often I winced at formulaic uestions like So what was Freud's views on topic A or Can the answer to Freud's views on this be seen in his life and writings or So is love really only about sex the last one is actually on page 162Sometimes he even throws in his own perspective with a few I did this statements and two sentences later he's uoting Freud saying I think this with barely any transition It's disorienting for the reader to be tossed around so much Nicholi even is so self inflated as to put in a I have often wondered why about the fact that Anna Freud never married Why don't you actually analyze why you think she never married instead of commenting that you're curious Nicholi needed an editor to chop stuff out and heavily rearrange his ideas And make him write Good topics about good authors but this guy's definitely no Alister E McGrath

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Ex and the ultimate meaning of life and death and each of them thought carefully about the alternatives to their positions The inspiration for the PBS series of the same name The uestion of God does not presuppose which man Freud the devout atheist or Lewis the atheist turned believer is correct in his views Rather readers are urged to join Nicholi and his students and decide for themselves which path to follo. Here is one of those books that my friends will grow tired of hearing me talk about I absolutely loved this book one of my favorites I’ve read in the past year The book is written by a Harvard professor who has spent his entire professional life studying Sigmund Freud and much of it studying CS Lewis He uses this book which he considers the culmination of his career to pit the two against one another and to himself play the neutral moderator He does an incredible job The author uses each chapter to discuss a major issue love suffering sex death etc along several dimensions Freud and Lewis’s expressed views in their books and research their expressed views in their letters and the way in which they each approached the matter in their personal lives The author is a true well of knowledge in regards to each of these men He does them each justice never strawmanning either of their arguments and always ualifying what they said with what scholars believe they meant He has spent much time with Freud’s daughter and has access to many of Lewis’s letters that he sent to friends and family All of this information is compiled with a balance of elouence and conciseness into in my view a remarkable book I would absolutely love for anyone who is a big fan of Freud to read this book and discuss it with me Although the author did well to remain neutral I did not and as I read I just could not see how Freud had the upper hand in any topic where he and Lewis pushed against one another Yet I do think Freud is a genius So if you read this book and think that Freud comes out on top please hit me up

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The uestion of God CS Lewis and Sigmund Freud Debate God Love Sex and the Meaning of LifePlaced side by side for the very first time For than twenty five years Armand Nicholi has taught a course at Harvard that compares the philosophical arguments of both men In The uestion of God Dr Nicholi presents the writings and letters of Lewis and Freud allowing them to speak for themselves on the subject of belief and disbelief Both men considered the problem of pain and suffering the nature of love and s. Like comparing apples and rocks Freud's the apple from the nonexistent Tree of Knowledge and CS Lewis the unfortunately all too prevalent Christian apologist whose arguments take rocks in the head to accept Consider this paraphrased example which Lewis uses to explain the beginning of his career in helping people better deceive or come out of the wisdom of doubt into into the molesting hands of faith I felt joy Therefore a place for joy must exist Therefore someone must have made that place Thus joy is to be found in the maker of joy Thus a maker must exist and I believe in that maker I feel pretty goddamned good Oops Thou shalt notanything Secondly why is Freud a man who made his career in what arguably may be called medicine pitted against the premier Christian apologist Why not choose for Lewis' rival someone who made a career out of explaining why there is god no or at least no reason for a godunless one is a sadist Dawkins would shred Lewis The latter could still smoke his pipe but from the other endA ridiculous conceit and one upon which I'm afraid Nicholi wasted an academic career and his students' time teaching