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Then Everything Changed Free download ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Î A brilliant and brilliantly entertaining tour de force of American politics from one of journalism's most acclaimed commentators History turns on a dime A missed meeting a different choice of words and the outcome changes dramatically NoStled off through the kitchenIn October 1976 President Gerald Ford made a critical gaffe in a debate against Jimmy Carter turning the tide in an election that had been rapidly narrowing But what if it had gone the other way The scenarios that Greenfield depicts are startlingly realistic rich in detail shocking in their projections but always deeply remarkably plausible You will never think about recent American history in the same way aga. Good idea bad execution The choices for this alt history work are actually interesting expect for RFK which I’m sure has been done before The pace of this book is slowing very slow The writing is dullit’s over detailed especially in the RFK section and the sentences are long and tiresomeit really reads like a legal brief at times and is often repetitive It was a slog at times As for the contentwell the JFK and Ford sections seemed ok and plausible as such goes but the RFK section is just liberal wish fulfillmenttoo much had to go exactly right for RFK to win to be really plausible In sum because of the draggy pace and writing I was mostly disappointed with this book So I give this a 2 The scenarios 2 at any rate were fresh and interesting But the slow pace and bad writing doomed this book for me Further I uestion whether the RFK section wasn’t just pure liberal wish fulfillment and if the other two sections didn’t have a liberal bias as well So not the most balanced viewpointThis book could have been really interesting but it just flops because of the pace and writing

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A brilliant and brilliantly entertaining tour de force of American politics from one of journalism's most acclaimed commentators History turns on a dime A missed meeting a different choice of words and the outcome changes dramatically Nowhere is this truer than in the field where Jeff Greenfield has spent most of his working life American politics and in three dramatic narratives based on memoirs histories oral histories fresh reporting w. An interesting interpretation of what might've happened had history been turned in the other direction at a few pivotal moments in regards to the president of the United States An interesting read however in some cases I think it dragged onMaybe it would be enjoyable for people who have lived through the era An era that mainly began with JFK as president My parents' generation

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Then Everything ChangedIth journalists and key participants and Greenfield's own knowledge of the principal players he shows just how extraordinary those changes would have been These things are true In December 1960 a suicide bomber paused fatefully when he saw the young president elect's wife and daughter come to the door to wave goodbyeIn June 1968 RFK declared victory in California and then instead of talking to people in another ballroom as intended was hu. An interesting book to read in an election year and consider how small changes in our reality could have led to major political changes and of course different presidents In this book Jeff Greenfield gives us three scenarios and explores the conseuences His first scenario has JFK assassinated not in 1963 but in December 1960 before he took office In reality a suicide bomber decided not to attack President elect Kennedy because he saw Kennedy's wife and daughter come to the door to wave good bye as JFK leftwhat if Jackie and Caroline had not been there Of course Johnson would have been sworn in as president in 1961 rather than in 1963 So no Camelot LBJ no doubt would have done a better job getting legislation passed than JFK but how would he have handled the Cuban Missile Crisis of October 1962 Would he have listened to the generals and let things get out of control leading to a nuclear war The second scenario is one that I have considered and uite frankly wished had happened and that is that Robert Kennedy was not gunned down in the kitchen of a hotel in LA in 1968 Greenfield has RFK not being assassinated by Sirhan Sirhan and going on to win the Democratic nomination and then taking on Nixon in the general election Of course RFK wins and Greenfield looks at what a Robert Kennedy presidency would have been like The third scenario was of least interest You might recall that the 1976 election was a close one and Jerry Ford did come close to defeating Jimmy Carter What if Ford had pulled it off He would still have faced the same economic problems that Carter in reality did the energy crisis and inflation Going into the 1980 election those problems would have hurt the Republican candidate Ronald Reagan And a Democrat would have been able to beat Ronniebut what Democrat would have emerged What changes would you like to have seen happen in political elections I'm sure there are any number of them after 1980