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Read ✓ Breaking Point Bluford High #16 Ê PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Û Vicky Fallon can't take it Her father has lost his job Her parents are constantly fighting and her troubled little brother is out of control Once an honor student Vicky is uickly falling behind in her clWers Pressured from all sides Vicky knows something is about to snap But the explosion that hits her home is worse than anything she could imagi. I recomend this book to others because it is a book filled with a lot of emotion and excitment In the book 'Breaking Point' a kid named Martin gets into trouble and has to go before the super intendent and tell him why he thinks he should be able to still atend Bluford High SchoolI think that this would be a scary situation because if Martin gets kicked out of high school he could easily become a drop out and ruin his life Another emotional part is at the beginning of the book when Martin tells his story about his little brother got killed in a drive by shooting and how he was there and he held his little brother in his arms until he died If you like books that are filled with emotionexcitmentand adventure then this would be a perfect book for you

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E an honor student Vicky is uickly falling behind in her classes at Bluford High Now her teachers friends and new boyfriend Martin Luna want ans. Breaking Point was a book about a girl named Vicky she has a lot going on in her life It is mostly bad and nothing seems to be going her way Her parents fight almost every night her dad lost his job and her grandma died Therefor she had to give up her room so her grandpa could stay with them Due to all of these things going on in her life she was less focused on her schoolwork and she is failing almost all of her classes She once was a straight A student and her family all go along It all changed when the money stopped coming in Her dad started to gamble the few bucks they had left and with no luck he lost it all He started selling his own family's objects like toys and jewelry He didn't get enough money from doing that so he leaves He leaves his whole family to deal with the debt The family was so shocked they didn't even know where to begin The house is taken by the bank and they all watch as their belongings are taken from the house and thrown onto the front lawn The grandpa has some money for an apartment to live in which is right next to Vicky's boyfriend’s house They never heard from their dad again Vicky is a smart girl but she is going through a lot in her life with school and her home life is a wreck and also friends She is normally a straight A student who goes by the rules and minds her own business With her family being how it is school is not the biggest priority any so she starts to fail almost all of her classes She cannot concentration on the school work any and she zones out or talks to her friends or Martin during class Martin is Vicky’s crush and they are almost dating but without the label The teachers do not know what is going on in her life they have no idea what is going on with her Vicky is really nice to everyone but she gets jealous very easy She is a very smart kid though when she does not have as many distractions The setting could be a lot different if it would have taken place in a different area like a bigger city If it was in a bigger city the husband probably would have found a job much easier The setting could have also been different if the time was way back in the day When there wasn't a rescission and money wasn't so tight or jobs where not so hard to find The setting can affect any book dramatically this book is no different I would recommend this book to a high school girls or any I know that is having similar issues in their life I would recommend this book to someone who has some of the same issues so they can relate They also need to know that they are not alone that someone is always there to help them I do not think that middle school kids should read this book because of the issues with the family I feel like they are too young to worry about those kind of problems and they are not mature enough to understand them fully I did enjoy this book even though I don't have issues like Vicky did but I still like to learn about all different kinds of problemsThat way I am not so closed minded to certain things or people Overall I think this is a good book and I really like the author and how he writes

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Breaking Point Bluford High #16Vicky Fallon can't take it Her father has lost his job Her parents are constantly fighting and her troubled little brother is out of control Onc. I thought this book was a decent book It was meant for a younger audience than a freshman It doesn’t use any large vocabulary It also did not have many words on a page This book was about a girl named Vicky Her best friend was named Teresa They had been best friends since kindergarten Vicky was dating a boy named Martin Luna who was going through hard times He almost got expelled because he got into a fight and accidentally hit a teacher When they were at the hearing that decided whether or not he got expelled Vicky showed up to show support for him Martin ended up not getting expelled During this problem that Martin went through Vicky had problems of her own Her family was 20000 in debt Her dad had lost his job a while back and tried to gamble over sports games to win money back He even stole things from the house to sell so he could gamble This gambling only added to their debt The bank was to take the house from them and the father knew about it He never told anyone about it though so when the bank came to take their house everyone was surprised They only had 24 hours to take all of their belongings to a different house They rented an apartment near Vicky’s boyfriend’s house The dad left them because it was all his fault and he felt as though he should be out of their lives I would recommend this book to young female teenagers because it is about the life of a teenage girl that is going through hard times It can help some people realize what they have compared to others