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Run it as a family business So in 2006 Mee his wife and two children his brother and his seventy six year old mother moved into the Dartmoor Wildlife Park Their extended family now included Solomon an African lion and scourge of the local golf course; Zak the rickety alpha wolf a broadly benevolent dictator clinging to power; Ronnie a Brazilian tapir easily capable of killing a man but hopelessly soppy; and Sovereign a jaguar and would be ninja who devised a long term escape plan and implemented it The grand reopening was scheduled for spring but there was much wor Recently saw this family friendly movie and enjoyed it If you have read Benjamin Mee's book WE BOUGHT A ZOO you may be disappointed at the hollywood spin Any similarity between the book and the movie basically ends with the titleIn the book Mee's father died and HIS MOTHER bought the Dartmoor Zoo located in the UK not California using funds received from the sale of her home in Surrey Mee's wife Katherine was alive at the time of the purchase and moved to the zoo with their two children Milo age six hardly the trouble teen Dylan as portrayed in the movie and Ella age four a seven year old named Rosie in the movie His brother portrayed in the movie by Thomas Hayden Church is not Mee's only sibling nor was he an unwilling participant in the venture but a willing accomplice Also the Benjamin Mee in the book does not come across as the devoted loving husband and father but as a rather selfish I want what I want personality who willingly uproots his family again and again to pursue his dreamsThose are just a few of the glaring differences between book and true story movie These discrepancies do not detract from the movies overall appeal particularly if you have not read the book As I mentioned the movie is as warm and gooey as a hot fudge sundae and provides a great viewing experience for the entire family Particularly enchanting is Maggie Elizabeth Jones who plays little Rosie She is truly a delight to watch as she attempts to assume the roll of woman of the house Another performance that tickled my funny bone was that of MacCready the volatile zoo carpenter as played by Angus Macfadyen a very talented and in my opinion underrated actor who has portrayed everyone from Robert the Bruce in Braveheart to Richard Burton and even did a turn as Sandra Bullocks fiancé in Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya SisterhoodWhile the book provides the reader with a in depth look at Mee the man and the intricate problems involved the running of a zoo he comes across as not very likable The movie on the other hand give us a kinder gentler Mee as we watch a heartbroken Matt Damon cope with the loss of his wife and attempts to raise two children while mastering a domain consisting of over 200 exotic animals For once the movie outshines the bookor perhaps I was just in the mood for less reality and fantasy in my day

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We Bought a Zoo The Amazing True Story of a Young Family a Broken Down Zoo and the 200 Wild Animals That Changed Their Lives ForeverK to be done and none of it easy for these novice zookeepers Tigers broke loose money was tight the staff grew skeptical and family tensions reached a boiling point Then tragedy struck Katherine Mee Benjamin's wife had a recurrence of a brain tumor forcing Benjamin and his two young children to face the heartbreak of illness and the devastating loss of a wife and mother Inspired by the memory of Katherine and the healing power of the incredible family of animals they had grown to love Benjamin and his kids resolved to move forward Today the zoo is a thriving success While I basically liked this book I did have several problems with it The author would freuently say something like but on that later but then Mr Mee never returned to the subject This happened freuently towards the end of the book I hated this aspect of the book Another issue I had problems with Mr Mee going on about money complaints and dealings with back room boys and others He was beating a dead horse with some of his story It was like he was trying to think of what to write and just didn't have enough to make a complete book I would have enjoyed hearing about the animals and the daily life of what it is like to own a Zoo Come on who wouldn't have loved to own a Zoo Mr Mee made it extremely boring

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PDF ç BOOK We Bought a Zoo Ö BENJAMIN MEE Ö Already a BBC documentary miniseries and excerpted in the Guardian We Bought a Zoo is a profoundly moving portrait of an unforgettable family living in the most extraordinary circumstances This touching memoir is now a major motion picture starring Scarlett Johansson and Matt Damon WhenAlready a BBC documentary miniseries and excerpted in the Guardian We Bought a Zoo is a profoundly moving portrait of an unforgettable family living in the most extraordinary circumstances This touching memoir is now a major motion picture starring Scarlett Johansson and Matt Damon When Benjamin Mee decided to uproot his family and move them to an unlikely new home a dilapidated zoo in the English countryside where over two hundred exotic animals would be their new neighbors his friends and colleagues thought he was crazy But Mee's dream was to refurbish the zoo and The May Reading Vlog aka tier listing 30 books is up Now that you know where this one ranks click the link to check out the rest The Written Review You know sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery And I promise you something great will come of it Benjamin Mee and his familybought a zooThey literally up and bought a zooAnd that zoo Whew It needed a LOT of work To put it mildly it was barely holding on financially and to its animalsBut where there's a will there's a way And there was no way the Mee family was giving upSo I'm seeing a surprisingly large amount of lower ratings for this book and I kind of get whyIf you saw the movie first you would expect a heartwarming story all about love and loss with a strong central story pulling it all togetherHoweverthis book is not the movie The author has previously written DIY guides and this book somewhat reads like one of those It's certainly interesting to read about all the steps and hoops they jumped through in order to get a zoo back on its feet but it does feelhmma bit dryThere's a bit too much emphasis on the process and not enough on the emotion and character developmentTo be honest I still enjoyed it but this is one of the those books where the movies made changes that I feel improved the overall experience of it