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FREE DOWNLOAD Captain Beefheart: The Biography 107 Ë Born Don Van Vliet in 1941 Captain Beefheart is one of modern music's true innovators The owner of a remarkable four and one half octave vocal range he employs idiosyncratic rhythms absurdist lyrics and an unholy alliance of free jazz Delta blues latter day classical music and rock roll tEs latter day classical music and rock roll to create a singular body of work virtually unrivalled in its daring creativit. This book helped me enormously with writing my first novel Beefheart's Blueprint It's an insightful and clearly written biography and I highly recommend it

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Born Don Van Vliet in 1941 Captain Beefheart is one of modern music's true innovators The owner of a remarkable four and o. THE P BRYANT RIDICULOUS PARODY OF THE MAKING OF TROUT MASK REPLICA24th March 1969 JOHN FRENCH'S DIARYI woke to hear the sound of padlocks and strong chains being removed from the front door of the Trout House It crashed open to reveal a burly man Don was back The Magic Band cowered in fear “So boys what have you got for me today” “Please master food food” we cried “or at least drugs and new guitar strings” “You know the rules No food and absolutely no drugs until you give me songs Now Cmon French – what have you got for me hmmm” Don unlocked my handcuffs “We made up lots of songs boss – all based on those telepathic thoughts you’ve been sending us” I moaned “We got one called about a tourist in Italy called “It’s too much for my lire” “What baloney” shouts Beefheart – “change it tohnnn ‘She's too much for my mirror’” “Genius idea” bleated Rockette Morton and we got one called ‘The 1010th day of the Magic Band’s Cruel Incarceration’ – you wanna hear that one” “Naw save that one for later Beefheart turned a deaf ear to my feeble attempt to ameliorate our plight with humour Now cmon is that all Two songs in three days You know it’s gonna be a DOUBLE ALBUMdoncha So you better git crackin” Beefheart whirled around kicking Jimmy Semens on his recently healed arm and opened the single door to leave but remembered to cuff me back to the piano before he did “Doin a good job John but remember – it might look as if I have it easy living in five star hotel in the superior part of Sunset Strip up to my neck in acid and connubial bliss but it’s me sending you all of these telepathic thoughts to turn into these songs – you better remember that” As he leaves he tosseS the starved band a couple of loaves of white sliced bread and a jar of gherkins “I’ll be back in two days Remember – DOUBLE album”AND NOW SOME ACTUAL UOTES FROM THIS REAL BOOKEx member He could talk endlessly about nothing and make you feel you were conversing with the godsBeefheart told English journalist Barry Miles that he was a better poet than Allen Ginsberg a better painter than Willem De Kooning and a better sax player than John Coltrane Miles commented There was no irony there I was uite shockedThen there was the tale of the sleigh bells he ordered twenty sets in total Herb Cohen manager asked him why he needed so many as even if he the group the producer and the engineer all played two sets there would still be six sets left over His answer came back that they would overdub them “I got him 20 sets of sleigh bells I couldn’t argue with that logic”Beefheart A nude man is not very interesting – believe me I’m a man and I’ve been nude and seen what it looks like and it doesn’t look anything like a dolphinFriend of the band uoted in 1972 They were walking on stage every night and playing to these people and they’d been promised money and food and clothes and they had nothing They had hardly a stitch of clothing between them and they had no real possessionsBeefheart I mean if they were concerned about being puppets they should have spoken up instead of leading me on to believe otherwise But then again who the hell’s a better puppetmaster than me HuhMike Barnes describing Big Eyed Beans from Venus the last track on Clear Spot The only way to deal with such thrilling intensity is to roll around on the floor mindlessly barking like a dogBeefheart is everybody feeling all rightCrowd YEAHHHHBeefheart That’s not a soulful uestion that’s a medical uestion It’s too hot in hereHere is a very solid account of the troutrageous Captain Beefheart’s wonky donkey zapped fly career in music and then in proper grown up high art painting This guy lived on the edge and then built an extension edge on that one He couldn’t play guitar or piano He could whistle So with the whistling and the ferocious browbeating hypnotic personality he took real musicians and made them play exactly what he had in mind There were several Magic Bands between 1966 and 1982 and not one of them made any money There was also a Tragic Band but we shouldn’t talk about that one There’s one other substantial book about Beefheart which is by John French the on off drummer It has to be read to be believed I never saw anything like it Student rock psychiatrists could write entire theses about dependence and father issues and the horror of cults The Magic Band was at times like a five man cult Mike Barnes’ book blows some cool air into these tortuous tales From “Hey Garland I Dig your Tweed Coat” Teeth let go tobacco juice an oiled balloon brown eye in an egg white black tar bubbles and stripes A straw hat sueaked on the brim of a feather Newsprint thumbed through nicotine fingers a dark olive was turned on Its small pulp speaker burst into a scream One large tomato was immediately peeled skin red It bled into a red O and smacked behind accepted fangs uick eyebrows danced cutely above a mole The bridge held a large gold pair of spectacles The front was smooth It slightly gathered and wrinkled at the holes A dark wooden moustache deposited below above Chinese red varnished lips that dented slightly into the evening It's gotten uite cold I've decided I can't sell you my coat

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Captain Beefheart The BiographyNe half octave vocal range he employs idiosyncratic rhythms absurdist lyrics and an unholy alliance of free jazz Delta blu. A comprehensive and balanced overview of a twisted compassionate and contradictory man whose creative endeavours have left formidable footprints in the art and music world UK music hack Mike Barnes tells the story with professional ebullience his talents dipping slightly when trying to bring the music and art to life which is understandable – it's BEEFHEARTThis book runs the gamut of Don Van Vliet's life artful dropout blues weirdo countercultural icon money grubbing sellout crotchety genius successful painter hostile recluse Barnes deals with his subject admirably he is neither gushing nor apologetic to this fundamentally unpleasant and egocentric man taking care to separate the art from the artistIt is disheartening to know that he's turned into a uiet palsied hermit and his relationship with his wife Jan would have made for an interesting analysis Her story is eually relevant yet she is largely absent throughoutYou might also be shocked by Van Vliet's thoroughly reprehensible attempts to diddle his band members out of money see Herb Bermann postscript This greed and arrogance is a very disturbing element of his character and might put the sueamish off his musicOtherwise for rubber dolphins with gold yawning mouths everywhere